Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The cat doesn't mind the moon
Outside the window
Where he sits

The movement of small critters
Of that
He is aware

The moon gives shine
As, in the day, the sun

But, the cat doesn't mind
How many times the moon appears
Nor count his trips around the sun

Ron Eklof 1997

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The sound of footsteps in the darkness
I walk through the misted gloom
Pass under a streetlamp and pause
Still hear the sound of shoes
Now they stop
In the darkness beyond the circle of light
I cannot see movement
I feel the presence of danger

I start walking
Feel the wet air on my skin
Hear my own scuffing shoes
Change direction and move into an alley
Into a doorway
And wait
The sound of footsteps continue
Now stop
I stay motionless
Looking for a glimmer of movement

I look at the day glow watch on my wrist
5 minutes pass
No sound
10 minutes
A cat meows

I'm walking again
My footsteps echo off the walls in the alley
If I can't see anyone, they can't see me
Didn't think of night vision goggles

I feel the hand on my shoulder
Turn in a defensive posture
Feel the knife enter my ribs
Fall to the wet cobblestones

Hear footsteps echoing as they fade in the misty darkness
A leaf blows against my face
I smell the chill damp
The silence deafens my ears
My eyes close

Ron Eklöf © 2008


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


There are those
Who want all
That money can buy

And then

There are those
Who want all
That money can not buy

Both are found wanting
Not satisfied with what they have

It's not all the one
and not all the other
a little of both,

What do I want?
What do I have?

Enough for today

Ron Eklof '08