Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Act Your Age

Don't act your age
For that is but a number
And maturity is not
A numerical value

Rather, act your heart
For this is an unleashed spring
Watering the arid land
As does the oasis in a desert

It's not how many times
We've gone 'round the Sun
But if our heart has opened
Even once

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Come unto me O vapors of earth and I will fill the sky
With brilliant whiteness
To spread in the Sun's heat and stretch across the heavens
My crisp edges bend and flow into new shapes

I reign upon your parade, push up the daisies
And fill the hills with daffodils as far as the eye can see
Fill your ponds and aquifers to sate your thirst
Make rivers that float your boats to the sea

Come unto me O vapors of earth, give me your energy
I can be soft as cotton as fierce as a sword from the sky
I thunder your doors, flash light through bedroom windows
Where kitties scurry under the bed and children cling for dear life

Now, I disappear for days on end leaving blue skies all alone
Then come floating back to cast overcast and hide the sun from you
I darken the day and make everything shadow and grey and gloom
I let loose sleet and snow by the shovelfuls for this is me in winter

Come unto me O vapors of earth and fuel my engine
I cool the hot summer day and let my brother wind free
To blow the hats off gentle men and lift skirts with gay abandon
A willful rascal, he, with no respect for laundry nor ships at sea

As a cauliflower I billow in summer and reach the stratosphere
As cumulus and nimbus and wispy stratus
Look at my theater; you may see faces and bears, a witch on a broom
For I am a screen to your fantasy
Before the curtain closes with the advent of night

Come unto me

Ron Eklof '08


White embers fall
Grey Moon, white sliver
Grey smoke smudge
Flash white streak
Red burst
Faces shine red
Upward chins
Eyes glisten
Falling white spirals shriek
Flash white streak
Green burst sparkle
Red thunder
Blue dissolve
Falling white embers
Grey smoke smudges
Parade across black sky
Below white moon sliver
Do it again
Ron Eklof 08

Friday, April 11, 2008


There are those who walk ahead
And those who walk behind
But those who walk side by side
Oh, they're the bestest kind

Through hard lessons we have learned
And shared our fresh insights
That joyful mirth and warm embrace
Make our burdens light

From the shambles of our past
Lived on desperate streets
We came to know that that dark hour
Was a lamp unto our feet

To help others on this road
We meet on common ground
With common problem, common solution
Impart the commonwealth we found

I'd not have tread this road so well
Were you not by my side
We shared the wonder that we saw
Each the other's guide

Shine on, Nicky, shine on

Ron Eklof ‘08
In remembrance of Nick Natale


On a loom are we created
And have our breadth of days
Our web fashioned by unseen weaver's hands
Deftly spun we become the woof
Now the warp
Slowly turned into tapestry

The filaments of our lives entwine
Each strand touching others
Soft wool, hard jute, supple linen
A spectrum of color and feel
Amid the rough fiber find gold thread
Blended with those of common mettle

Each sees their texture but dimly
For we busy ourselves in being the yarn
Yet, in heaven's time is revealed an artful plan
A fabric woven from laughing hearts
From joyful love's embrace
And, too, of sorrow's tears
On the humble trail we trod

Shall we now lift our hearts
In sweet appreciation
For a life well lived,
For a life well spent;
Fashioned from recovered cloth
Into a weaving made divine

Ron Eklof ‘08

In appreciation for Nick Natale