Sunday, April 13, 2008


Come unto me O vapors of earth and I will fill the sky
With brilliant whiteness
To spread in the Sun's heat and stretch across the heavens
My crisp edges bend and flow into new shapes

I reign upon your parade, push up the daisies
And fill the hills with daffodils as far as the eye can see
Fill your ponds and aquifers to sate your thirst
Make rivers that float your boats to the sea

Come unto me O vapors of earth, give me your energy
I can be soft as cotton as fierce as a sword from the sky
I thunder your doors, flash light through bedroom windows
Where kitties scurry under the bed and children cling for dear life

Now, I disappear for days on end leaving blue skies all alone
Then come floating back to cast overcast and hide the sun from you
I darken the day and make everything shadow and grey and gloom
I let loose sleet and snow by the shovelfuls for this is me in winter

Come unto me O vapors of earth and fuel my engine
I cool the hot summer day and let my brother wind free
To blow the hats off gentle men and lift skirts with gay abandon
A willful rascal, he, with no respect for laundry nor ships at sea

As a cauliflower I billow in summer and reach the stratosphere
As cumulus and nimbus and wispy stratus
Look at my theater; you may see faces and bears, a witch on a broom
For I am a screen to your fantasy
Before the curtain closes with the advent of night

Come unto me

Ron Eklof '08

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