Monday, May 26, 2008


As we walk this mysterious path

We see that everyone is on one

The difference between us is

With whom we choose to walk

Those who have gone before

Return to tell what they have found

Yet, when we round the bend

We find our own path

Our own riches and delights

To rely upon other eyes

Is to miss the sights right in front of us

Distracted by what others said would be here

They have their ways

They have their wherefores

I chose to walk with you

And share this adventure together

I chose to walk with you

We had some fun, didn't we?

Ron Eklof ©2006/2008


Anonymous said...

hey Ron (my student!

What a Poem my fav quote was "i chose to walk with you! if you wrote this then i would have to say you a gifted person. You know words have power to make and break anything. I just love this poem keep umm coming!

Ron Eklof said...

Thanks for your kind words and indeed the piece is mine as are all the rest. I have met some very special people through blogging and hope to meet more. As you have seen my Haiku and Poetry blogs are for fun and not for profit. Still, I can learn from you.

kouji said...

a lovely poem this. warm.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful scene is painted from reading. Your words come alive in your work. Thanks for sharing.