Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dancing Spirit

On polished floors as lights swirled around the ballroom
You, entranced by the sound, followed your passion
We watched the sway of skirt to bouncing rhythms
Saw you laugh and delight in your partner's arms

All to soon the dance is done and we've said our adieus
Parted as the lights dimmed to black
The music has stopped, the band has stepped out for a cigarette
But sweet memories remain and floating tunes linger in our ears

The ship has passed into the night
As sultry sounds wend their way to heaven
And we know of one who still dances the night away
Who is swinging among the stars

For when we look up to the night sky
See the motion of the heavenly bodies
We will hear the laughter
We will remember your music

It was a pleasure to know you, Mary.

Ron Eklof 2008


Cynthia said...

Gorgeous. The ultimate, romantic
evening, the memories forever
bringing pleasure. Love the soft
touch of the words.

Hi, Epiphany is now here -

Ron Eklof said...

I appreciate your kind words, Cynthia

Robyn Coffman said...

This is lovely.

You write softly, like the breeze.
Thank you for sharing yourself so freely and beautifully.

GABRIELA said...

Ahhh! Romance!When was it the last time I thought of it?

Newton said...

Wow. I am touched Ron, Really a nice feeling.

Jim said...

We will hear the laughter
We will remember your music

I like this and the above will be my signature if you don't mind